Women of Himachal Self-Help Group

A co-operative undertaking by women in Naggar, Himachal Pradesh



We have recently set up WHIMS - a co-operative of women knitters from Naggar village in Himachal. We provide the wool and patterns, and the women - experts in knitting and crochet - create these charming, old-world with a modern twist, cozy accessories.

We have also identified a family of weavers who create traditional Kinnauri and Kullu patterned stoles and shawls, and Pashmina stoles.

So come on in, browse a while, get a whiff of Himalayan air and see if something catches your fancy.

Nisha Subramaniam and Padma Krishnamoorthy,

Founders, WHIMS

WHIMS - Women of Himachal Self-Help Group